Pilot Projects

The DBCP is undertaking several pilot projects:

Other areas of Development

  • Very High Resolution Sea Surface Temperature

    To address requirements from the Group on High Resolution Sea Surface Temperature (SST) (GHRSST), and complement satellite data, the DBCP is investigating developing  pilot activities to operate a sub-set drifter network providing high temporal resolution, possibly high vertical resolution in the upper mixed layer near the surface, and high accuracy SST data using GPS-equipped, un-drogued drifting buoys.

  • Evaluation of Unmanned Surface Vehicles    NEW Further information.



Related projects


A Pilot Project for the integration of marine and other appropriate oceanographic observations into the WMO Integrated Global Observing Systems (WIGOS ») has been initiated in close cooperation with IOC and its IODE Ocean Data Portal (ODP). Details about the Pilot Project are available here ».