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October 2008

Project Update including:
  • Minutes for meeting October 2008, Cape Town South Africa
  • Updated Terms of Reference
October 2007
Minutes for the meeting in Jeju, South Korea.

The initial whitepaper was written by WMO in November 2006 and approved by the DBCP Executive Board. Note: This whitepaper may now be out of date. Whitepaper Updated Terms of Reference were developed in October 2008

Iridium Upgrade Scheme:
The Chair of the DBCP has negotiated with Buoy Manufacturers, Iridium and Metocean (in its capacity as a value added reseller of Iridium) to receive low cost communications for the duration of the project.He has also organised the opportunity to upgrade drifters to Iridium Technologies for a small additional cost. See details in his letter: Iridium Upgrade Opportunity .