International South Atlantic Buoy Programme (ISABP).


This web site contains general information on the International South Atlantic Buoy Programme (ISABP) for current and prospective programme participants. Should you be interested in more detail on the different drifters types or the activities of other regional action groups, go to the home page of the Data Buoy Cooperation Panel.


The ISABP is operated as an regional action group of the DBCP, and endeavours to establish and maintain an oceanographic and meterological data network over the South Atlantic ocean. News on recent deployment, planned deployments and deployment opportunities can be found under the Programme News heading.

Drifting buoys have been deployed in the South Atlantic Ocean for the past 20 years. The deployments have, however, always been done without any coordination between different participants. It was thus the need for a broader participation in South Atlantic buoy deployments, as well as a more coordinated effort in the South Atlantic ocean.

The first programme meeting took place in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in December 1993. This was followed by the acceptance by the Data Buoy Cooperation Panel (DBCP) of the ISABP as an regional action group. The second programme meeting of the ISABP was help in Pretoria, South Africa, in October 1995. The ISABP III meeting took place in Niter¢i city, Brazil in October 1996.

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The International South Atlantic Buoy Programme was accepted as Regional Action Group of the WMO-IOC Data Buoy Co-operation Panel. It serves the participants in the programme and contributes to the World Weather Watch Programme, to the Global Ocean Observing System and the Global Climate Observing System, as well as to the World Climate Research Programme, as appropriate. The Programme developes its procedures, policies and practices and defines a framework for contributions by the participants.

Participants elect a chairperson and vice-chairperson, who with two elected persons form the Steering Group. The Steering Group appoint a Programme Co-ordinator. The Steering Group determine the terms of reference for the Programme Co-ordinator for approval by the participants. The Steering Group provide guidance to the Programme Co-ordinator who acts as the focal point for the programme during intercessional periods on matters related to the operation of the programme.

The Programme Co-ordinator may be requested to monitor the network, to advise the participants of the need for redeployments, to facilitate co-operative arrangements to maintain the network, to co-ordinate overall data management and to organize an annual meeting.

See the ISABP operating principles.


  • The 13th ISABP meeting was held in early 2010, in Buenos Aires, back to back with OCEATLAN VI.

  • The group last met in May 2008, in Brazil at its 12th meeting. ISABP-12 Final Report
  • ISABP-10
  • ISABP-3


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