DBCP-O1 Recommended format

(SVP standard drifter format)

Attention: This format is now obsolete. Please use DBCP-O3 as far as practicable instead.

(see also complete list of DBCP recommended formats)


This is the Argos message format recommended by the Global Drifter Programme for the so called "Standard SVP drifter", i.e. SST only Lagrangian drifter.

See also the description of the SVPB drifter Argos message format.

Please contact Mayra Pazos for details.

  1. Advantages of this format are:
    • It is standard, and used heavily with the Argos GTS sub-system.Implementation with the GTS sub-system is easy and fast.
    • It is simple.
    • It is small (i.e. 64 bits only) and therefore permits to save transmission power.
  2. Drawback:
  3. It is not flexible and only permits to encode SST, battery voltage, and sea water switch data (drogue detector).
  4. Description
  1. Bits Sensor Description Sampling Calibration
    8 Submergence Sea water switch, i.e. drogue detector. 30 minutes observation cycle 5 sec. sampling, cumulated, updated every 30 min. Immersion time in seconds during the 30 minute period, e.g. time = count*10, or % of time underwater, e.g. %=count*0.555
    8 Voltage Battery voltage 15 min. sampling e.g. Bat = count*0.048 Volts
    10 SST Sea Surface Temperature 1 min. sampling, averaged and updated every 15 min. Linear, e.g. SST = (-5 + 0.05 * count) Celsius
    6 Unused   Unused bits