Welcome back to OceanOPS

Dear users, we are delighted to announce the successful migration of our Information System to our new host, Ifremer, after two decades of flawless hosting by CLS.

All core functionalities, including the dashboard and APIs, are operational, on a robust architecture. We are currently putting the finishing touches on the system and addressing a few remaining refinements and monitoring performance.

We appreciate your patience during this transition and thank Ifremer for its invaluable support and expertise. Enjoy ocean-ops.org !

  • Database migration and component containerisation: Data transfer, code adaptation and dockerised applications Completed
  • Synchronisation scripts: Metadata and data checked and synchronised with automated submission to WIGOS/OSCAR Completed
  • Static websites and resources: Shared documents Strategy Metadata standardReport cardsSOTDBCP Completed
  • APIs and Maps: WIGOS IDs WIGOS Compliant Metadata GIS LayersInteractive web GIS Static maps Completed
  • Alerts:Platform notifications, EEZ WarningsCompleted
  • Dashboard:Submission and search forms, charts, maps and monitoring tools Completed
  • Pending services:QC Reports, CSV exports, KPIs requiring GIS processing, Tracklines In progress
  • Performance review:Operational system analysis and optimisations In progress

Monitoring dashboard

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